Objectives of the Society: 

  1. To develop leadership in the field of research, clinical practice, updates on Critical Care Nursing.
  2. To conduct various types of trainings, workshops, and CMEs focusing all the Critical Care Nurses working in various areas of Nepal.
  3. To organize various seminars, meetings, conventions to create awareness to the general public regarding the importance of Critical Care.
  4. To upgrade the level of care that is being provided till now in Critical Care Nursing.
  5. To conduct regular CMEs to develop skills of the CCNAN members. 
  6. To monitor the current practices running in Critical Care Nursing in different hospitals in the ICU and intervene if necessary by informing to Ministry of Health or Nepal Nursing Council in case of any default. 
  7. To develop protocols and guidelines for Critical Care Nursing in collaboration with NSCCM.
  8. To develop skilled human resources in the field of Critical Care Nursing.