CCNTP Accreditation Committee Guidelines

Guidelines / Process for Various Institutions to follow for CCNTP Accreditation:

  1. Any Organizing Institution planning to conduct CCNTP will have to apply to the Critical Care Nurses Association of Nepal for running Critical Care Nurses Training Program in their institute with a provided application form and required documents.
  2. Accreditation Committee will then call for a meeting within one week and then form a “CCNTP Feasibility Study Team” that shall consists of two members from Accreditation Committee or at least one member of Accreditation Committee and one invited Expert in Critical Care Nursing (Supervisor Level Nurse with at least 5 years work experience in Level III ICU or at least 5 years experience in Teaching Critical Care Nursing).
  3. This “CCNTP Feasibility Study Team” will then perform a site visit to the applying organization within one week to see the feasibility whether the site has fulfilled the minimum requirement criteria of hospital, ICU, human resources requirement as per CCNTP Curriculum. This shall be documented in a format provided to the team and Feasibility Study Report submitted to Accreditation Committee within 72 hours of site visit.
  4. The Organizing Institute shall arrange for two-way air travel, accommodation for one night, fooding and hospitality to both the CCNTP Feasibility Study Team. If within Kathmandu Valley or nearer locations, ground transportation and local hospitality have to be provided.
  5. A minimum Travel Daily Allowance to the CCNTP Feasibility Study Team for site visit will be provided by Critical Care Nurses Association of Nepal. This will come from funds from CCNTP Accreditation Committee. It has been decided to give Rs 1000 per day allowances to the Accreditation Committee member for site visit. It will be one day for in valley program and two day for outside valley. Applicable government tax shall be deducted.
  6. After the Feasibility Study Report has been submitted, CCNTP Accreditation Committee will call for meeting finalize decision within one week.
  7. Organizing Institute will then start the process of admission and entrance of the CCNTP, based on the curriculum.
  8. CCNTP Program shall again be supervised in between the training duration of three month or as per the need felt by CCNTP Accreditation Committee.
  9. Final Evaluation should also be supervised by at least one of the Accreditation Committee member.
  10. The travel and hospitality for the Inspector from Accreditation Committee will be borne by the organizing institution and the daily allowances will be borne by CCNAN, which shall be similar to the Feasibility Study team mentioned above.
  11. CCNTP Instructors:
    • There should be at least SIX Instructors (committed) to conduct one CCNTP anywhere inside Nepal.
    • But it will be advisable to contact more instructors from the pool of CCNTP Certified Instructors and involve in the program if the program is done inside Kathmandu Valley.
    • The Program Coordinator from the Organizing Institution will do the selection of CCNTP Instructor from the pool of CCNAN Certified CCNTP Instructors for the training.
      Minimum remuneration for CCNTP Instructors should be Rs 500 per hour (Theory / Clinical Session) and this record and payment should be maintained by Program Coordinator or Logistic Manager.
    • Remuneration shall be provided to the CCNTP Instructors after completing each Module.
    • These CCNTP Instructors should travel and stay for 1 – 2 weeks by rotation in the CCNTP if its outside Kathmandu.
    • The Organizing Institution Outside Kathmandu should arrange for air travel, accommodation and hospitality for these CCNTP Instructors during their stay at the institution organizing CCNTP. Remunerations should also be provided which shall be the same as mentioned above.
  12. Program Fee for CCNTP:
    • Program Fee can be variable based on Organizing Institute but the participants should not be charged more than Rs 40,000 for one CCNTP course.
    • This fee should include the fees of CCNAN Endorsement, Examination fee, and BASIC for Nurses Program (if conducted) and should not be charged extra to the participants.
      This guideline will be revised every two years or as per the need felt by CCNTP Accreditation Committee.